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Welcome to the Reserve Manager Portal

The Reserve Manager Portal (the Portal) allows non-council Crown land managers (CLMs) to connect online with the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure - Crown Lands.

The Portal will allow you to conduct the following activities:

  • Create and manage your account details
  • Apply to be a board member of a statutory land manager
  • View details of Crown reserve/s you manage
  • Request a change to Crown reserve details
  • Submit an annual report
  • Submit a risk alert on the Risk Register


  • All non-council CLMs are automatically registered to access the Portal when they are appointed to their role. CLMs should have received an email with a temporary password and a request to verify their email address. Please ensure to check your spam/junk mail folder in your email box.
  • For other people seeking to register to access the portal (such as people wanting to apply for a board vacancy), please click on the green 'register' button.


  • For community board members (appointed as statutory land managers) click on ‘Individual’. For a corporate land manager representative, click on ‘Organisation’ in the blue login area.


Council Crown land manager Reserve Portal

Council Crown land managers can access a dedicated portal and resource materials via the Council Crown land manager webpage.